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I’m a writer with over a decade of experience as an arts critic, journalist, and playwright. I attended Viable Paradise in 2019, and my short fiction has appeared in Fireside, Daily Science Fiction, and Zooscape.

Drought and Deluge

Dudes. Sale to Kaleidotrope, as of last night. Set to run sometime before the end of 2024. Nifty, huh? While you wait, may I recommend the following for your newsletter reading pleasure? More from me in a few days. (Things appear to be tumbling forth, don’t they?)

September Renewal

Two weeks ago, a cool front came through, marking the first relief Central Texas has had from its second-hottest summer on record. Suddenly, we can breathe again. In quick succession, a few other developments have tumbled forth. I’ve signed the contract for my horror story “Justice Turns the Balance Scales” to appear in a forthcomingContinue reading “September Renewal”

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