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I’m a writer with over a decade of experience as an arts critic, journalist, and playwright. I attended Viable Paradise in 2019, and I have a short story forthcoming in Fireside Quarterly.

VP23 End-of-Year Roundup

If you have a minute, please check out the page I put up listing the published work of my Viable Paradise classmates. I’m not on there because everything I’ve sold is scheduled to come out this year. I hope you’ll read some of their stories, though, especially if you’re able to vote for awards. SomeContinue reading “VP23 End-of-Year Roundup”

2020 Short Fiction Stats

(This is not an eligibility post, because both the pieces I sold this year are set to run in 2021.) I’ve always found it helpful to see writers’ submission stats, on account of how it offers so much insight into the actual acceptance rate of folks who are out there publishing and working. Here’s aContinue reading “2020 Short Fiction Stats”

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