Books on the Shelf 1.6

This is the sixth installment of my aptly-named series “Books on the Shelf,” in which I take any title or object from one of my lovingly alphabetized shelves and write a short post about it.

Le Guin through McSweeney’s
Completed ratio: 2 of 20 (oh man…)

I really hope by the time I make it to installment 2.6 that this shelf will look very different. I’m aiming to read more books that I already own in hopes of paring down and making room on the shelf for books that have value in my collection. I mean – really – I need to either read the McSweeney’s issues or get off the pot, y’know?

For now: Station Eleven is awesome. Love it. I accidentally bought it twice, even. (Since remedied.) Read it if you haven’t already!

Edited to add: I write most of these posts and schedule them in advance. I offered the Station Eleven rec before our actual pandemic set in, so follow it only if you’re in a place where that’s something you can digest. Oh, and I’m nearly finished reading Elizabeth McCracken’s Bowlaway, which will raise my completed score for this shelf to 3 of 20. Contains the amazing description of a character “wearing the kind of cabled Irish sweater designed to camouflage sorrow and poverty.” (That’s known as an aran sweater, btw.)

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