2020 Short Fiction Stats

(This is not an eligibility post, because both the pieces I sold this year are set to run in 2021.) I’ve always found it helpful to see writers’ submission stats, on account of how it offers so much insight into the actual acceptance rate of folks who are out there publishing and working. Here’s aContinue reading “2020 Short Fiction Stats”

2020 Literary Loot

Gratuitous picture of books received: I’ve already started Vikram Paralkar’s Night Theater (thanks to the well-considered gift of Minecraft to a younger member of my household) and am loving it. And am astonished once again to read an excellent novel written by a practicing physician. Listen, it’s not that I don’t think doctors aren’t alsoContinue reading “2020 Literary Loot”

The Unfairness of Mercy

A few observations. To speak of mercy amidst the mob is not a popular choice. And, sure: when the wound is fresh, you don’t go telling people to make amends. But when can you? Among the left, catch phrases like “prison abolition” and “restorative justice” have gained traction. It seems the act of mercy hereContinue reading “The Unfairness of Mercy”

About Those Books on the Shelf

I thought I’d populate this blog with posts about books on my shelf to create some basic starter content. It would be a chance to bring up works by friends, interesting bits of knowledge, cool discussion points. I could schedule it in advance. I could keep my family’s life private by keeping the camera restrictedContinue reading “About Those Books on the Shelf”