Masks and Words

In April, I set aside my writing work* to make room for my sewing machine, and I sewed a bunch of masks for family and friends. Making masks seemed like one of the few things that those of us who are not healthcare or grocery workers could do to help, and I’m glad I did.

If you still need a mask, may I suggest that you do not order one online right away? Instead, look for local businesses and individuals who are making masks as a way to keep themselves afloat. I know of some house cleaners who are sewing masks to make ends meet, and at least locally, Zips cleaners franchises are doing everything they can to keep their people employed by selling handmade masks.

I’m glad to make way for these folks – and also to spend what little spare time there is with the stories I’d like to tell.

*This was an option for me because I’m currently fortunate to have gainful employment apart from my writing.

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