2020 Literary Loot

Gratuitous picture of books received:

I’ve already started Vikram Paralkar’s Night Theater (thanks to the well-considered gift of Minecraft to a younger member of my household) and am loving it.

And am astonished once again to read an excellent novel written by a practicing physician. Listen, it’s not that I don’t think doctors aren’t also human beings with outside interests, which is how our pediatrician (indignantly) interpreted my words when I said something about how hard it must be to become both physician and author. It’s that it seems like, for most people, it would take at least as many hours of study and practice to become a good author as it does to become a physician, and do none of these people ever get sucked into MMORPGs or doomscrolling habits whatever? Have they only ever spent their time in worthwhile pursuits?

Other enjoyable novels by physicians include Tom Miller’s The Philosopher’s Flight and Abraham Verghese’s Cutting for Stone. I hear Daniel Mason is also quite a good writer, though I haven’t read any of his books (plural! gah!) myself.

Just curious, but are there any women physicians who have also published novels?

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