Pandemic and the TBR Pile

Not to brag here… but some of us have actually read some of the books in our longstanding TBR pile during this pandemic. Some of my favorites of the past year:

Shown above: five fewer books weighing down my conscience.

Special props to Dexter Palmer’s Mary Toft; or, the Rabbit Queen, a historical novel set in 1700s England, about a woman who fooled five of the greatest physicians in the country into believing that she had given birth to seventeen rabbits. (It failed as a check on the to-read list, though, because I just bought his earlier book Version Control. One step forward, one step back.) I loved all five of these books, though, and recommend them enthusiastically.

In other news, I was terrifically excited to learn that Alex Brown included my story “Contract Witch” in their March round-up of recommended short fiction. I now have my own tag on achievement unlocked!!!

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