ArmadilloCon 2021 + Fun Stuff!

Check it out: I’ll be appearing as a panelist at ArmadilloCon 43 in a couple weeks, and I’m looking forward to it. ArmadilloCon was my first true convention, and I’m so excited to participate on both sides of the microphone now.

ArmadilloCon 2021 Participant Page

In other news, I have been enjoying my watercolors lately, painting imaginary beasts to represent some really thorny programming modules and administrative systems that I’ve encountered at my day job. (It’s a whole thing.) Here’s one:

The Credit Awards Cephalopod: best keep your distance!

I have no formal training and I’ve asked my closest friends to give me a nice little restorative face slap if I ever discuss monetizing my paintings. It’s purely for fun – and it is fun to have a hobby that’s only for my own satisfaction. Honestly, I’d forgotten what that’s like!

And since I’ve still got your attention, Hyde Park Theatre has a podcast, HPT Audio Plays. They recently released a recording of one of my favorite plays by one of my favorite playwrights, The Hunchback Variations by Mickle Maher. The play is a series of panel discussions between Ludwig von Beethoven and Quasimoto (aka the Hunchback of Notre Dame) about their failed collaboration to recreate the impossible sound. It’s only 30 minutes, and Maher’s plays are dense enough that it’s a treat to listen to them more than once. I still laugh each time I hear it. Go check it out! Free.

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