New Doors

It is with delight and no small measure of astonishment that I can announce that as of a few weeks ago, I’ve signed with Eric Smith of P.S. Literary to rep my comedic novel about what might have happened if they hadn’t flipped the switch to save the grid during the Texas Snowpacalypse of 2021. I’m wildly excited to see what we can accomplish with this partnership.

The book went out on sub at the end of October, and let me tell you: I plan to enjoy saying, “I have a novel that’s out on sub” for as long as I possibly can.

Ideally to be replaced with, “I have a novel coming out in…” but you know what I mean. It’s not easy getting this far, and honestly, the experience of finding representation after trying for so long is a little like leaning on a single, locked door for years on end, and then it suddenly opens… only to find myself in a hallway with many, many other locked doors.

Except now there’s somebody inside saying, “Oh hey! Let me go knock on some doors for ya. I know some great ones.”

I won’t lie. It’s pretty rad.

Other News

Twitter is going through all that stuff. If you’re on Instagram, connect with me and watch me figure out how it works.

Upcoming: cover reveal on the upcoming Superstition anthology, in which I have a story!

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