Make Writing Fun, Even When It’s Tough

Like most of us, I have professional goals for 2022: write x words, submit x stories, and so on. I also have set the unmeasurable goal for this year of finding joy in the writing itself, rather than basing all my motivations on the possibility of sales or acceptance letters. To that end, I’ve foundContinue reading “Make Writing Fun, Even When It’s Tough”

Favorite Reading of 2021

I’d like to share my ten favorite books that I read in 2021. I rarely catch books in the year when they’re released; I hope you enjoy this chance to support an author’s earlier titles. There There by Tommy Orange, 2018. From the blurb: “A wondrous and shattering novel that follows twelve characters from NativeContinue reading “Favorite Reading of 2021”

2021 Short Fiction Stats

I’ve always found it helpful to see writers’ submission stats, on account of how it offers so much insight into the actual acceptance rate of folks who are out there publishing and working. Here’s a screenshot from The Grinder to share where I’m at, after my second year of getting out there and submitting myContinue reading “2021 Short Fiction Stats”

2021 Awards Eligibility Post

I’m pleased as punch to post my first-ever Awards Eligibility list! If nothing else, I hope a few more eyeballs land on these stories. Each of them is fun, quick, and mischievous in its own way. “Contract Witch.” Fireside, no. 89, 23 March 2021. Listed on’s Must-Read Speculative Short Fiction: March 2021. “The ModernContinue reading “2021 Awards Eligibility Post”

Books You “Should Have Read”

Hi there! I’ve been invited to participate on a panel discussion at ArmadilloCon 43 in Austin, Texas, on October 16, called “Books You Should Have Read.” This post is timed to publish as the panel is scheduled to happen. I’m delighted to participate, and also, please don’t let the title of this discussion give youContinue reading “Books You “Should Have Read””

ArmadilloCon 2021 + Fun Stuff!

Check it out: I’ll be appearing as a panelist at ArmadilloCon 43 in a couple weeks, and I’m looking forward to it. ArmadilloCon was my first true convention, and I’m so excited to participate on both sides of the microphone now. In other news, I have been enjoying my watercolors lately, painting imaginary beasts toContinue reading “ArmadilloCon 2021 + Fun Stuff!”

Upon Reading and Change

Like most people, my social life shifted dramatically during the pandemic. I became closer to the people with whom I could interact with well online. Some in-person friendships faded. Some remote friendships became more important. In some ways, this accelerated some changes in my social life that were already underway, as I move into aContinue reading “Upon Reading and Change”

$5 Theater + Fake-German!

My short multimedia play “Totenwascher” runs May 6-9 as a part of the 2021 Out of Ink Festival. Tickets are wicked cheap, starting at $5. Runtime for synchronous content is about one hour. You’ll also receive asynchronous content, some of which even comes in the mail – including your very own plague mask! The titleContinue reading “$5 Theater + Fake-German!”

Pandemic and the TBR Pile

Not to brag here… but some of us have actually read some of the books in our longstanding TBR pile during this pandemic. Some of my favorites of the past year: Special props to Dexter Palmer’s Mary Toft; or, the Rabbit Queen, a historical novel set in 1700s England, about a woman who fooled fiveContinue reading “Pandemic and the TBR Pile”