What You Do with Erosion

There’s a utilities easement not far away from where we live. When we first moved there, it was a decent sort of meadow, full of fire ant hills and nasty burs and waist-high thorny bushes and other things that want to stab you. Still, all naturally occurring parts of the Central Texas ecosystem. Now, IContinue reading “What You Do with Erosion”

Favorite Reading of 2022

Some favorites released in 2022: Sea of Tranquility. Multiple timelines, a sci-fi edge, well-drawn characters. A story about plagues and how much we can affect the world around us. My favorite of the year. Joan Is Okay. A touching and hilarious voice, an endearing narrator, and an engrossing story of New York in 2020, COVIDContinue reading “Favorite Reading of 2022”