Favorite Reading of 2022

Some favorites released in 2022:

Sea of Tranquility. Multiple timelines, a sci-fi edge, well-drawn characters. A story about plagues and how much we can affect the world around us. My favorite of the year.

Joan Is Okay. A touching and hilarious voice, an endearing narrator, and an engrossing story of New York in 2020, COVID and all.

Tracy Flick Can’t Win. Sometimes, contemporary fiction really nails the experience of characters who are frustrated in life. In redeeming them, their stories can also redeem us.

Faith, Hope and Carnage. If you’re not already reading The Red Hand Files, you ought to. Nick Cave speaks and writes about grief, loss, creativity, and faith with compassion and poetic insight.

The Long Answer. Something akin to auto-fiction, this story lays bare the deeply profound, painful, and complex ways that childbirth and motherhood can impact our lives.

Border Crossings. An illustrated travelogue from a writer and watercolor artist who traveled the Trans-Siberian Railway, before 2020 made that all but impossible for Americans.

All the Horses of Iceland. A Tor.com novella with beautiful, tender language to describe a harsh time and era in Scandinavian and Eastern European history.

Amongst Our Weapons. I’m not calling it a guilty pleasure, because I don’t feel bad about it in the least. But Aaronovitch’s entire urban fantasy/mystery series are delightful and gripping page-turners.

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