Don’t Look Too Close: 2022 at a Glance

This year was an exercise in changing focus. Many times. I began the year by sending out queries for a novel, and then promptly putting that novel out of my mind to focus on a new book. Then, in the summer, I turned to short stories for a bit to give the other book timeContinue reading “Don’t Look Too Close: 2022 at a Glance”

September Renewal

Two weeks ago, a cool front came through, marking the first relief Central Texas has had from its second-hottest summer on record. Suddenly, we can breathe again. In quick succession, a few other developments have tumbled forth. I’ve signed the contract for my horror story “Justice Turns the Balance Scales” to appear in a forthcomingContinue reading “September Renewal”

2021 Awards Eligibility Post

I’m pleased as punch to post my first-ever Awards Eligibility list! If nothing else, I hope a few more eyeballs land on these stories. Each of them is fun, quick, and mischievous in its own way. “Contract Witch.” Fireside, no. 89, 23 March 2021. Listed on’s Must-Read Speculative Short Fiction: March 2021. “The ModernContinue reading “2021 Awards Eligibility Post”

“Contract Witch” at Fireside

My story “Contract Witch” goes up at Fireside today! It’s a 6-minute read about Python, atmospheric carbon, and the sprint ceremony from hell. Please, share it with a software developer in your life. It’s been a strange month to have three short stories to promote. They also happen to be the first three short storiesContinue reading ““Contract Witch” at Fireside”